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Another Computer Store


Saturday 22nd February, 2020

Recycle your E- Waste
this Saturday, 22nd February 2020
from 10am to 12pm

Join us this Saturday 22nd February 2020 from 10am to 12pm for our E-Waste Event.
If you have old equipment which you no longer use then visit us and use our Free Recycling "Dropzone" at 164 Bathurst Street, Launceston.
Items will be recycled as part of the national MRI program to avoid E-Waste going to landfill.
We are accepting these Items only.

*Computers *LCD Monitors

*Laptops *Tablets

*Servers *Mobile Phones

*Land line Phone *Hubs

*Switches *Cables *Modems

*TV’s Flat Panel (excludes CRTs)

*Mice *Keyboards

*Network *Devices *Network Cables

We hope to see you on Saturday.



November 2019

May 2019

Recently Another Computer Store has provided the technology to extend wireless for long distances.  Installs have been completed for Business and Homes.






December 2018

Scamwatch is warning people to be careful about being caught out by holiday season scams.

Here are three common holiday season scams people should look out for:

  • Online shopping scams: scammers will set up fake online stores or post goods for sale in buy‑swap-sell groups or online classified sites to trick people into buying items that don’t exist.
  • Travel scams: scammers trick people into believing they’ve won a holiday or scored a really good deal on a travel package, like a cruise.
  • Parcel delivery scams: scammers may ask you to print off a label, do a survey, claim a prize, or view the status of your delivery by clicking on a link or downloading an attachment. Some scammers may even call or text with claims about an unsuccessful delivery. These scams are aimed at getting people to download malware onto their computer, or give up their personal information.

Scamwatch has also seen a massive influx of reports and money lost to tax scams.

This is an unusual holiday season scam.  A lot of people are getting calls from scammers pretending to be from the tax office or the police and threatening them with arrest over unpaid tax debts.  If you every receive a call or email containing threats, hang up the phone or delete the email.

The key to avoiding a scammer's con this holiday is to use scepticism and do some research.

Ms Rickard added that the key to avoiding a scammer’s con these holidays is a healthy dose of scepticism and research.

“We love snagging a great deal online for a loved one’s Christmas present and the idea of a bargain holiday is perfect for many after a long year. But don’t fall for it,” Ms Rickard said.

“Be sceptical about an online store you haven’t used before. Do some research to see if they’re legitimate and don’t be fooled by big discounts. With travel deals, call the accommodation provider directly, for example the cruise line or hotel, to check if the deal is legitimate.”

“If you see a seemingly great deal on an accommodation rental website like Airbnb, make sure you only communicate and pay through the official site to avoid getting stung by a fake listing,” Ms Rickard said.

“We’re all expecting parcels this time of year but be careful about online links and never download attachments. If you’re wondering if a delivery notice is legitimate, check the tracking number at the Australia Post or other delivery company website, or call them directly using a number you find from an online search or the phone book.”

“While with friends and family over the holidays, consider taking the opportunity to spread the warnings about these scams particularly to those loved ones who may be vulnerable.” Ms Rickard said.


Thursday 15th November 2018

Another Computer Store is thrilled to announce zippay is here.

The smarter way to pay for what you want today.  Own what you want. Pay how you like.

Interest free, nothing to pay upfront, flexible repayments

Scamwatch  Australia is making us aware of the increase of remote scammers

Wednesday 17th October 2018


Don't Gift a scammer iTunes Card

Monday 24th September 2018

Scammers are very cleaver and they only want your money.  The ACCC is warning people to be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to con people into paying for scams with Apple iTune Gift Cards.

These scammers call you and pretend you have computer viruses or problems which they can fix.  They ask you to go to a local store to purchase these gift cards, while they have you on the phone.  They pretend this is the payment they need so they can fix your problems.  Once the cards have been activated they ask for the serial number, which they use to sell.

What to do: Hang up on the scammer and delete any emails. 

If you have been scammed, contact us and we will check your computer to ensure the scammers haven't left anything more malicious behind.


Another Computer Store receives “Business of the Year 2017 Award

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Back in 2006, a thriving, growing business in the back blocks of South Launceston took the bold next step to join an Australia-Wide buying group. Another Computer Store has never looked back from partnering with the Leading Edge Computer Group.

Always growing and changing within the volatile IT Industry, it became evident that ACS needed to expand into a larger workshop and space.  Business man and entrepreneur Geoff Daw sought new, high profile premises and after years of searching – looked at the then AE Jack premises on the corner of Bathurst and Frederick Streets.

He took all his staff through the working steel foundry and enthusiastically shared his vision for a new Another Computer Store to be born.

In November 2015, the move was complete and the difference was instant. New, highly visible and with a determined, talented team, the computer sales and service giant has surpassed all expectations.

Commitment to clients and detail has paid off with the ultimate award being presented to the store at the Leading Edge Computer Conference held on the Gold Coast last weekend. Competing against 132 stores nation wide, the “Business of the Year 2017” award is highly esteemed and was received with honor and pride by Geoff Daw, Leesa Austin and Toby Martin

A Launceston Business with its heart set on providing amazing service has been recognised within its own industry by a Leading and respected organization.